Laurel Ridge students rocket experiment into space

Used by permission by Laurel Ridge Community College

An experiment of two Laurel Ridge Community College students rocketed into space this summer after attending a NASA workshop.

Brian Gern and Ben Stange were accompanied by Computer Science Professor Dr. Melissa Stange to the six day RockOn! workshop this summer at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility.

The students built a computer from scratch that included a Geiger counter to measure radiation in space.

Their experiment was scheduled to launch in June but was delayed due to poor weather conditions.

The group returned in August to see their hard work sent off into space on a NASA rocket. 

Professor Stange said, “Not only did our students have an opportunity to learn about cross-discipline activities – they were able to apply what they had learned in multiple classes, such as computer science, drones and electrical – this experience gave them the opportunity to network with professionals at NASA. They were also able to learn about internships that could result from this experience. And, they developed friendships with students from around the U.S.”

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Laurel Ridge hosts visitors from NASA next week

Used by permission by Laurel Ridge Community College

Laurel Ridge Community College will welcome visitors from NASA on Wednesday, September 20th.

NASA human resource specialist Karen Miller is the apprentice program manager and pathways internship program coordinator and she will be joining the group in Middletown next week.

She wants participants to know about the variety of options to start a career at NASA, regardless of their field of study.

She also mentioned that among 11 apprentices at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, 10 of them graduated from a Virginia community college as well as 3 of 4 interns.

Separate presentations with a Q & A will be held for Mountain Vista Governor’s School students, high school students, then for Laurel Ridge and the greater community.

Attendees will learn about opportunities available for current students, alumni, and those with 4 year or postgraduate education.

A link for more information and to RSVP is available here.

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