A new time capsule has replaced the old one in the pedestal of the Lee statue

Gov. Northam announced that a new time capsule will replace the old one in the Robert E. Lee statue.

The old time capsule was placed in the removed statue’s concrete pedestal back in 1887.

It’s believed that a possible 60 items were placed in the original capsule which will be given to the Department of Historic Resources.

The new time capsule contains 39 items that reflect Virginia and the nation’s history today.

Should the concrete pedestal also be removed the new capsule will be removed and buried elsewhere.

The largest confederate monument in the south was removed earlier today Sept. 8 with a link for watching the removal here.

The 12 ton statue of the Confederate General was disassembled and is to be placed in secure storage at a state facility until an appropriate location is chosen for display.

The 40 foot tall pedestal is to remain until a decision is made on if it will be used in the re-imagining of Monument Ave. in Richmond.

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