Greetings from The Booth!

If you’re working on that umpteenth turkey sandwich, you probably should stop, as the FDC said that Monday was the last day you should be eating leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal. After that, your green bean casserole becomes a science project. Speaking of leftovers, that is the title of this week’s VFB, as we look back at the long holiday weekend. Grab the Duke’s mayo, pepper, and white bread, and here we go…

I wonder if Joe Buck and Troy Aikman were excited about broadcasting the Thanksgiving NFL contest between the winless Lions and a mediocre Bears team? I think they put their best face on the game, but at times Troy sounded like he’d been into the Thanksgiving punch. If so, who could blame him? I know the Turkey Day game from Detroit is an NFL tradition, but maybe it’s time for the league to “flex” some games and have some better matchups on Thanksgiving Day. It was nice seeing Dallas lose, though, and imagining all those Cowboys fans hurling their pumpkin pie against the wall as the game-winning Raiders field goal went through the uprights.

My college football team (WVU) is going “bowling,” but I’m less than thrilled. The Mountaineers struggled to beat a bad Kansas team Saturday night just to get to 6-6. So now it’s on to the iconic Cheez-It Bowl or some “XYZ.com” Bowl. I remember a day when 6-6 wouldn’t get you a sniff. There were a few bowl games like the Bluebonnet and Peach Bowls leading up to New Year’s Day, when you had the Cotton, Rose, Sugar, and Orange Bowls. Now, we start bowl season in early December and don’t end until after New Year’s Day. I know I sound like a curmudgeon, and the extra practices and games are beneficial to the teams involved, but there are too many bowls. Now, get off my field turf!

Wedged in among all the football this past weekend was the made-for-TV 12-hole golf match between rivals Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau, who supposedly don’t like each other much. If you were expecting trash talk, unruly behavior, and foreign objects, you were disappointed. The two were actually civil, which kind of defeated the purpose of the event. In addition, commentator Phil Mickelson talked too much, blathering on about wind, distance, and sea level. The comedy stylings of Charles Barkley saved the broadcast. As for the match, it was no contest, with Brooksie winning 4&3.

Finally, former Washington National Max Scherzer is now a New York Met, having signed a 3-year, $130 million deal. I could root somewhat for Mad Max last year when he became a Dodger, but say it ain’t so, a Met? A division rival? By the way, if you do the math, based on an estimate of 35 starts per season, Scherzer will earn $1,238,095.24 per game. It’ll be a nice Christmas in the Scherzer household this year.

Well, that’s it for the leftovers, folks. Anyone for a pizza?

Until the next visit from the Booth, happy “Salmonella Tuesday,” and GO HORNETS!