Jan. 11 Update on JMU graduate teacher shot by a 6 year old

Richneck Elementary School in Newport News Virginia remains closed through Fri. Jan. 13 following the shooting of a teacher by a 6 year old on Jan. 6.

Authorities confirm that there are certified crisis personnel in place to provide support to students, parents and staff in need of emotional support after the shooting.

James Madison University (JMU) announced they too would offer support to anyone who needs it in the days and weeks ahead.

The 2019 JMU graduate, Abigale  Zwerner suffered life threatening wounds to the chest in the incident.

Despite her wounds Zwerner was the last person to leave her classroom after her students exited to safety according to Police Chief Steve Drew.

According to Drew, Zwerner is talking and currently in stable condition with her first question being about the safety of her students.

In a Jan. 6 briefing by Drew he confirmed that the shooting was an isolated incident.

The Jan. 9 briefing from Drew, School Superintendent George Parker and Mayor Philip  Jones is available here approximately 6 minutes into the video.

Drew confirms that the gun was acquired legally by the child’s parents and came from their home.

In the latest press briefing Drew added that the 6 year old shooter is currently in a medical facility for evaluation.

Drew, Parker and Jones all praised the actions of all involved in the response to the incident in their briefing.

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