News Maker Mike Bocock on his Valley League Book

Mike Bocock has been in Valley League Baseball for over 30 years.

He and Bill Meade have written the fourth coming book Close to the Dirt: Mike Bocock’s Life and Journey Through the Dugouts and Diamonds of the Shenandoah Valley.

We spoke to Mike about the book in our latest news maker.

The good news is brought to you by The Town of Front Royal.

Mike has some great stories to tell one of which he relays in the interview.

He also tells us how we can get a copy of the book and some of the locations he will be doing some book signings.

Mike also tells us that some proceeds of the book will go toward baseball programs in the valley.

Click here for Mike’s interview.

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WCFR’s campaign to assist residents with smoke alarms

Warren County Fire and Rescue (WCFR) announced that they will begin a campaign to assist residents with smoke alarms Mon. May 23.

WCFR will be conducting a Sound the Alarm Save a Life campaign with the Virginia Red Cross.

Through the end of May Fire and Rescue personnel around the county will visit a minimum of 10 homes a day.

The personnel hope to provide lifesaving education on smoke alarms to 10 people a day.

They hope to inspect a minimum of 10 existing smoke alarms to ensure their proper use.

The department will strive to replace a minimum of 10 outdated or not working alarms where needed.

The staff hopes to install 60 smoke alarms a day every day during the rest of May for a total of at least 420 smoke alarms.

This is to assist the Red Cross reach their goal of 50,000 alarms installed in their Sound the Alarm Save a Life campaign through the end of May.

For a free home evaluation and to receive a free smoke alarm contact the Warren County Fire Department at (540) 636-3830 or click here.

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WIC restrictions on baby formula have been lifted

WIC restrictions on baby formula have been lifted according to Senator Mark Warner.

The Senate passed legislation allowing families in need to buy additional types of baby formula to alleviate the shortage situation.

Previously only center types of formula could be purchased using Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children funds.

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Woman, Infants and Children is also known as WIC.

An email from Senator Warner states that this gives families equal opportunity to feed their children.

The email went on to say that Warner and other legislators would keep up the pressure plaguing the situation until the baby formula issue is solved.

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Warren County needs your input to build an athletic complex

thanksgiving activity boxes

Warren County Parks and Recreation is asking for public input on a proposed athletic field complex at Rockland Park.

According to Warren County’s website the proposed complex would include two softball fields and two baseball fields.

If approved the complex would include lighting and parking.

Full restroom facilities and a concession stand would be on site as well.

The facility would be funded through a combination of a Land and Water Conservation grant from the Virginia Department of Conservation and recreation.

Local funding and in kind services would be provided by Warren County.

Input from the public will be accepted through June 10.

Contact Dan Lenz the Director of Warren County Parks and Recreation at (540) 635-7750.

Written comments can be sent to Lenz at 200 E. 8 St. Front Royal 22630.

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WPS issue a warning for parents and guardians

malloy toyota donation

Winchester Public Schools (WPS) issued a message to parents and guardians of two drug related concerns.

Schools nationwide have seen an increase in students ingesting THC laced candy items.

This trend has led to some serious health complications recently nationwide.

Another troubling trend is the increase incidents involving vapes and pills that contain traces of fentanyl.

School officials are asking parents and guardians to have a frank discussion about the dangers of such activity.

They ask that you make sure your child is aware of the dangers of accepting candy even from their peers as packaging can be deceptive.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers tips for talking to kids about the dangers here.

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Sen. Warner and Kaine address the infant formula shortage

An email from Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine addresses the infant formula shortage in Virginia and across the country.

The two Senators and 28 other lawmakers are calling on infant formula manufacturers to make every effort possible to get parents the formula they need.

The lawmakers sent a letter to the President of the Infant Nutrition Council of America asking that the problem be addressed immediately.

According to Warner the shortage is being blamed on the recent recall following contaminated formula from major manufacturer Abbott Nutrition.

That and the supply chain issues are being blamed for the shortage.

Warner also sees adding to the 7 National Food and Drug Administration inspectors as a partial solution.

He also is asking producers to increase their production of formula.

Virginia is looking into possibly importing formula from other sources as well.

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Frederick County is awarded funding for road projects

Frederick County’s website confirms funding has been awarded for several road improvement projects.

The projects are projected to be done over the next six years and will help relieve congestion issues in several areas.

The funding has been allocated and awarded for the Redbud Road Realignment project to begin in 2023.

Funding will also support the 317 81 north ramp relocation and turn lane improvements with construction expected in 2025.

Projected construction in 2025 also includes the Route 11 North Old Charlestown Pike Road Roundabout installation.

The projects that have been approved can be viewed here.

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SU holds commencement and honors President Zelenskyy

shenandoah university admission tests

A Shenandoah University (SU) press release show’s the plan for the commencement ceremony along with plans to honor Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy.

SU will see 1,337 students graduate this Saturday May 21 at the James R. Wilkins Jr. Athletics and Events Center beginning at 10 a.m..

The ceremony will be streamed on SU’s Facebook page as well.

Attendees of the ceremony will not be required to wear masks or show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

However the school is asking attendees to take responsibility for their own health.

If you are experiencing signs or showing symptoms of COVID-19 you are asked to not attend.

During the ceremony SU will award Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy an honorary Doctor of Law degree.

SU is one of 20 American Colleges and Universities offering President Zelenskyy an honorary degree to honor he and the Ukrainian people.

The degree is to honor President Zelenskyy’s ability to motivate the collective courage of his citizens and the broader world the defense of freedom and democracy.

SU went on to add a number of Zelenskyy facts in their announcement including:

Zelenskyy was sworn in as the sixth president of Ukraine on May 20, 2019. A former actor, comedian, and award-winning television and film producer.

Zelenskyy stepped onto the political stage as an anti-corruption figure at the beginning of 2019, and was elected president in a landslide victory in April of that year.

Since that time, Zelenskyy has guided Ukraine through the dissolution of Ukraine’s Supreme Council (Verkhovna Rada), the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting global economic recession.

Now the President and his people struggle in the ongoing, full-scale Russian invasion that began in February 2022.

Zelenskyy became the face of Ukrainian resistance during the Russian invasion.

His leadership during the conflict has garnered international acclaim.

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Winchester addresses a former COR employee complaint

An email from the City of Winchester Common Council addressed a complaint of a former Commissioner of Revenue’s (COR) employee.

The Winchester City Council has been made aware of the complaint.

An unidentified  former employee has filed a complaint against the COR’s Office.

The complaint alleges a violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Winchester City Council announced that they take such accusations seriously and are investigating.

Representatives of the City have met with the COR to discuss the allegations.

Both parties involved in the investigation desire that every employee of the City and COR is fully paid for the hours they work.

The email went on to note that the COR is an independent  elected office.

The COR is a separate entity from the City of Winchester.

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News Maker Shannon Roman on a free concert

Front Royal Warren County Habitat for Humanity will host a day long concert show June 4.

The free concert is to bring awareness to Habitat for Humanity and the services they offer.

The activities begin at 11 a.m. at the Front Royal Gazebo.

We spoke with the Chairperson for Habitat for Human’s Faith Relations Community Pastor Shannon Roman in our latest news maker.

The good news is brought to you by The Town of Front Royal.

Shannon tells us about who is preforming at the show.

She also tells us that there is plenty of room for vendors to get involved and have some exposure in downtown Front Royal.

Shannon also tells us that there will be applications available at the event for anyone who might need assistance from Habitat for Humanity.

Click here for Shannon’s interview.

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