Fun Fact September 27, 2021.

They are cool, creamy and delicious.  We’re talking about the milkshake.  The milkshake we know today was invented in 1922 by an employee of a Chicago Walgreen’s named  Ivar “Pop” Coulson.  He was inspired to add a couple of scoops of ice cream to Malted milk and blend.  Malt was created as a supplement for infants.  The popularity of the malted milkshake spread quickly, but some folks didn’t want the malt flavoring, preferring instead to have theirs made with just milk.  Some didn’t even want their milkshake blended, so “soda hops” would simply put a couple of scoops of ice cream in milk, creating the float.  Two significant milkshake related events happened in the 1930’s; the invention of a superior blender by Fred Waring and the invention of the flexible straw by Joseph Friedman.  I have an old time milkshake maker, I think came from Newberry’s.  It still works and, now that I’m thinking about a milkshake, may get a workout tonight.  Listen to the podcast here;