Clarke County residents report the jury scam

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The Clarke County Sheriff’s Office reports several Clarke County residents have received the jury scam call.

This is the typical scam where someone pretending to be a Clarke County Deputy is calling from a local number.

The caller tells the intended victim that a warrant has been issued for their arrest for missing jury duty.

The victim is then told they can avoid arrest by paying a fine by gift or green dot card.

Clarke County officials again remind residents that no official of Virginia would ever collect a fine in this manner.

If you believe you have been a victim of the scam or have received a call like that call the Clarke County Sheriff’s Office at 540-955-5124.

Some tips to prevent such calls include blocking unwanted calls and texts, resist the pressure to act immediately.

Know that scammers well tell you to pay by wire service or gift cards.

Stop the call and place a call to authorities to confirm authenticity.

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Central Outfitters

The Town of Woodstock and Central High school have put together Central Outfitters, it is an in house store for all Central students and parents.

Students or parents can make an appointment to privately shop the goods and pick up any school items, clothing items, or personal hygiene items they may need.

A long term project idea of the Principal Lori Swortzel of Central High School. All of the items were donated by the Woodstock community and the store was organized by the Girl’s basketball team.

American Red Cross has a Rockland blood drive today 6/30

battle of the badges blood drive

The American Red Cross makes a blood drive stop at Virginia Hills Church today Jun. 30 from noon to 5:30 p.m..

Appointments are still available by using the zip code 22630 at

Using the code battle2021 at you can set up an appointment for Jul. 9 in Winchester.

That is in the Battle of the Badges blood drive which pits the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office against the Frederick County Fire and Rescue.

Using your own zip code at that website enables you to find a blood drive near your home.

The American Red Cross is calling the current shortage of blood severe with donations urgently needed.

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