Shenandoah and Page County fires continue to be monitored

Shenandoah County Authorities report that they continue to monitor the effects of several wildfires across the county and into Page County.

The latest report confirms that the Coal Mine Road fire is 100 percent contained.

Fire crews remain on scene to address any flare ups.

Both Shenandoah Fire and Rescue and Department of Forestry crews and resources are shifting to and assisting Page County on the New Market Gap, Massanutten Mountain fire.

Route 211 in both directions remains closed to traffic in both counties.

A fire line is being established by bulldozer between the fires and structures in the area and the department of forestry is conducting airdrops of water.

Shenandoah National Park continues to manage the fire in the East Rocky Branch area.

Should evacuations have to be issued residents in the affected areas will receive messages.

These messages will arrive by reverse 911, Facebook or Code Red alerts.

Sign up for those alerts is available here text Shenandoah County ECC to 99411 for smartphone alerts.

If you do not have the technology to receive these messages emergency personnel will contact, you in person.

Despite the anticipated rain this March 22 and 23 residents need to remain vigilant at all times.

Citizen support for emergency crews has been tremendous as fire companies report an overflow of supplies in both counties.

Donations of fuel cards and money to the Page and Shenandoah County fire departments will help with the fire fighting effort.

Page County reports that unconfirmed numbers indicate that a possible 10 to 20 structures have been lost in the fires.

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