Fun Fact September 17, 2021.

This week, Levi had a science project.  He had to write a report an do a diorama of the habitat of an animal of his choice.  To my surprise he chose the Flying Fox.  If you know anything about me, you know bats are one of my favorite animals, and the Flying Fox is the largest of all bats species.  There are about 65 species of Flying Fox, some with wing spans of up to five feet.  Like most bats, they are nocturnal but unlike their smaller cousins, they don’t use echolocation to find their food.  They use their eyesight and keen sense of smell.  What they are looking and smelling for is fruit.  Some farmers consider Flying Foxes pests, but they are a vital part of keeping the rain forest healthy.  They help pollinate fruit trees and disperse the seeds in their guano.  In addition to fruit, they also will eat leaves and the insects that live in the fruit trees.  Still don’t like bats?  Do you like bananas? Thank a bat.  The wild variety of banana is pollinated by several different species of bat.