Youngkin announces establishment of Virginia Security Corridor

Governor Glenn Youngkin announced the establishment of the Virginia Security Corridor along with two federal Sentinel Landscape designations in the Commonwealth.

The Sentinel Landscapes Partnership seeks to protect lands for military use in combination with combating climate change by protecting key habitats, threatened species, and improving water quality.

The Virginia Security Corridor will include 10 military installations and 2.9 million acres that mutually support military, agriculture, and recreational interests with the two newly designated areas named “Potomac” and “Tidewater”.

Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Matthew Lohr supported the decision stating, “The Virginia Security Corridor partnership is home to some of the Commonwealth’s most abundant natural resources, which includes productive forests, open and active agricultural lands, and complex marsh and riverine systems that all connect to the nation’s largest estuary – the Chesapeake Bay.”

“Virginia now joins a network of similar commitments stretching from Delaware to Florida, creating a substantial opportunity for governments and the private sector to pool resources and collaborate regionally to support conservation, biodiversity, and military facility and mission readiness.” said Zack Greenberg, an officer with The Pew Charitable Trusts.

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