REC storm prep information

Rappahannock Electric (REC) issues a reminder that the National Weather Service predicts heavy rain, with the potential for severe storms, and powerful winds from late Saturday through early Monday.

REC is prepared to respond to any power outages, and urge you to prepare now, as well.

Bookmark the Outage Map on your mobile device:

Make sure your Outage Kit is stocked:

Bookmark REC’s Outage Center.

You can track outage restoration and report an outage using your smart phone:

If you lose power, *please do not report your outage on social media*.

Instead, to ensure we have your outage logged, please use your smart phone to report your outage online:

Take Advantage of IMPROVED Outage Text Alerts.

You can now report an outage through a text message and can also text key words such as STATUS to get the latest on an outage impacting your home or business.

Learn more:

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Front Royal addresses 2 major power outages

front royal town hall

The Town of Front Royal addressed the two major power outages that occurred over the weekend.

The outages affected almost 1,500 homes and businesses in Front Royal on Oct. 1.

Residents in both the Kendrick area and south side of town experienced a complete loss of power first at 3:30 a.m. and again at 10:15 p.m.

The issue was not Hurricane Ian but a loss of the power supply to the Sprint Substation.

Upon arrival crews found there were transmission issues in the lines into town.

Crews worked through the unfavorable weather conditions switching and restoring power as quickly and safely as possible.

In the first event power was restored 3 hours and 22 minutes after the initial loss.

Restoration of power in the second outage took 4 hours and 21 minutes.

Many agencies worked on the situation from the Energy Services Team, Dispatch Officers, Police Department and linemen worked tirelessly in the unfavorable weather to complete the work.

The town and community are grateful for the work put in in the overnight hours over the weekend in the unexpected circumstances.

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WATTS cooling center opens doors

watts donation

Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Shelter opened a cooling center at the Market Street United Methodist Church.

The shelter will be open from noon to 5 pm, Monday- Saturday as well as this Sunday based on the forecast.

Donations of refreshing drinks like water, vitamin water and Gatorade for the guest will be graciously accepted.

Should an area emergency occur during the heat like a power outage your local sheriff’s offices will post shelter locations on social media pages.

The Virginia Department of Social Services is accepting applications for cooling assistance through August 15 at your local Social Services office.

The Department of Health reminds residents to seek shelter and shade whenever you can.

If you are working outdoors, hydration is essential with at least 2 to 4 glasses of water recommended every hour.

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REC restores power following storms

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative restored power to most of their members who experienced outages during Wednesday’s storms.

Most outages were due to uprooted or broken trees near power lines and poles.

As of 2 pm, under 360 members remained without power.

Those homes were in the hardest hit areas of northern Culpeper and Fauquier counties.

REC wants members to keep in mind that repairs must be done in a sequential manner with main lines coming first then individual tap lines.

For the latest information, head to

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Front Royal explains power outages and blinks

The Town of Front Royal Energy Services Department addressed the issue of power outages and blinks in a news release.

Energy providers are working tirelessly to restore power as quickly and safely as possible whenever problems occur.

Despite having installed wildlife protection equipment across the entire system wildlife finds a way.

Power providers are constantly trying to find creative preventative solutions to protect the power supply and wildlife.

The American Public Power Association who the town reports power outages to uses the eReliablility Tracker Tool.

Despite the tools squirrels are still the number one cause of power outages nationwide.

The town apologizes for the inconvenience of the outages.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Department of Energy Services in Front Royal at 540-635-3027.

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REC has restored 98% of the outages caused by the storm

An email from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) confirms that the Cooperative has fully restored 98 percent of the outages caused by last week’s storm.

The amount of broken poles needing replacement has risen to almost 600.

More 1,200 field workers continue to work through the more than foot of heavy snow that downed thousands of trees in some locations.

The widespread damage to the power grid is expected to be completely fixed no later then Thurs. Jan. 13.

A restoration timeline and crew progress continues to be posted at

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REC continues to make progress in the full restoration of power

An email from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) confirmed that approximately 6,000 members are now left without power as of Sun. evening Jan. 9.

That is great strides in progress from the 98,000 total outages reported at the peak of last Mon.’s Jan. 3 storm.

REC crews, contractors and a mutual aid army from 10 different states are working tirelessly through the elements and expect full restoration in the coming days.

The army of employees have worked to replace 520 broken power poles, transformers and have strung new wire.

Replacement of poles alone can take hours at a time according to the email.

Then making necessary repairs to equipment to find more damaged equipment as they progress is time consuming.

REC’s Managing Director of Communications and Public Relations Casey Hollins stresses that crews are making great strides each day in repairing the damage.

Hollins adds that members without power have not been forgotten and power is being restored as quickly as possible.

Pertinent information on restoration as well as warming stations for those in need is available at

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REC continues restoring power

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative restored power at thousands of members’ homes on Friday who lost power from Thursday’s snowstorm.

Roughly 21,000 locations remain without power.

REC estimates that the majority of those will be resolved by the end of the weekend.

REC has benefited from the help of hundreds of mutual aid crews from across the country to work alongside their field employees in continuing repairs.

Progress updates can be checked through their newly enhanced outage map located at or RECs social media pages.

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REC and SVEC respond to power outages across the region

Emails from both Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) and Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative (SVEC) (Listed Alphabetically) announced that they are responding to power outages across the region.

Both cooperatives and other providers are working together to restore power as quickly as possible.

If you have lost power it is recommended to unplug any devices that may have been on when power went off.

If you see a downed power line stay away and inform the cooperative immediately.

Call REC at (800) 552-3904 call SVEC at (800) 234-7832.

It is recommended to avoid any downed power lines and to stay at least 10 feet away.

If you are without power you are urged to call or use the provider’s website to report an outage.

REC ask that you use the outage tool at

SVEC ask that you use their outage center at

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Strong thunderstorms cause power outages in the region

King Street Strasburg courtesy of the River 953

Strong thunderstorms caused some power outages in the region last night Oct. 4.

The intermittent storms struck Strasburg particularly hard downing trees and breaking power lines.

The storm that went through Strasburg left some areas without power well into Tues. morning.

Crews have been working throughout the night and continue to restore power as soon as possible if not all ready.

If power is not restored for you yet contact the Strasburg Public Works and Utilities Department.

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