Warren County Deputies’ court date is set in Prince William Co.

Used by permission by the Warren County Office employee Sergeant Terry Fritts

An email from the office of Prince William County’s Commonwealth Attorney Amy Ashworth confirms a court date for Zachary A. Fadely and Tyler S. Poe.

Fadely is a former Warren County Sheriff’s Deputy and Poe is a deputy that is currently on paid administrative leave.

The pair are facing a joint jury trial date starting June 6, 2024 according to the Commonwealth Attorney’s email.

Fadely is charged with malicious wounding and Poe is facing unlawful wounding charges.

The charges stem from the pair’s encounter with 77-year-old Ralph Ennis back in April 2022.

There is also a motion hearing scheduled for March 22, 2024 according to the email.

Virginia State Police opened the investigation into the incident after Ennis was hospitalized following his encounter with Fadely and Poe.

Ennis may have suffered head trauma during a traffic stop and eventually passed away 13 days after the traffic stop.

The Medical Examiner’s Office did list the official cause of death as natural.

Fadely and Poe are facing a joint trial that is set to begin June 6 and projected to last to at least June 14, 2024.

Fadely faces a possible 20 years in prison with Poe facing 5 years if convicted.

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