Middletown secures property for preservation

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Middletown announced the purchase and preservation of better than 20 acres of property.

At Middletown’s First Street location Mayor Harbaugh announced the purchase of 20 acres of land by Middletown from the Bernstein Foundation on Oct. 27.

The land was purchased with the intention of preserving the property.

The purchase and preservation effort will prevent the building of 80 new homes in the town.

Thanks to the efforts of the Bernstein Foundation the town was able to purchase the property at a significant discount.

The foundation’s namesake Leo Bernstein had a keen interest in American History and preservation.

The 20 acres of land was added to by generous donations of pieces of property adjunct to the Bernstein property giving Middletown 35 persevered properties within the town limits.

Also at the presentation it was announced that thanks to a generous donation of $100,000.00 by Dave Holliday Construction the Winchester Railroad Club will relocate to Middletown.

Other donors to the Railroad Club cause includes Thomas Lash, Lenny Millholland, Robert Kendall and former Winchester Mayor Larry Omps.

With the funds the town hopes to reconstruct a vintage B&O Train Station that will house a Railroad Club museum.

Additional donations will be graciously accepted to accomplish that goal you can contact the Middletown Government to find out more.

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