Governor Announces Updated COVID-19 Quarantine Guidance for Early Childhood Education

Governor Glenn Youngkin announced updated guidance on quarantine procedures following exposure to COVID-19 in
school, childcare and camp settings. This revised guidance outlines that quarantine is no longer routinely recommended after
exposure to COVID-19 infected individuals in childcare, K-12 schools, and camp settings.
Earlier in the year, individuals were encouraged to consider their own risk tolerance and determine what precautions made
sense for them and their families. Today, vaccines, tests and treatments continue to be readily available and, at the same time,
hospitalization rates are low and the number of Virginians with natural immunity has increased. As such, it is again timely for
individuals, families and employers to re-evaluate which precautions are appropriate to them.
“From the first days of my administration, I have supported parents in making informed decisions for their own families,
whom they love and know best,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “As Virginians continue to return to the office and social
settings, the pandemic is disrupting workplaces and family life when entire childcare facilities, camps and classrooms shutter
in response to as few as two cases. Today marks a shift in my administration’s recommendations to optional quarantine for
exposure to COVID-19 in childcare and school settings as the severity of the disease decreases.”
While our communities and Commonwealth are learning to live with the pandemic, we recognize that COVID-19 continues
to impact many individuals. We are encouraged by our health systems’ continued advancement in both the understanding of,
and treatment for, the virus. We will continue to be vigilant about surges or new variants and any impact to our healthcare
system.  While maintaining that prudence, Virginia’s communities can, and should, continue on a path to normalcy.
View the updated COVID-19 guidance here.
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