The VDH confirms a rabies case in Warren County

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On August 23 the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) confirmed a case of rabies found in Warren County.

The bat was found at the Linden Park on Dismal Hollow Road by children and their parents.

Warren County Animal Control was notified that the bat was acting strangely.

The animal was collected and delivered to the Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services in Richmond for examination.

Warren County Health officials interviewed the parents of the children who found the bat  and confirmed that they had no contact with the animal.

It was reported that others were present at the park at the time.

The health department is asking that anyone who was at the park playground between August 14 and August 17 and encountered the animal to get in touch.

Any person or pet exposed by bite, scratch or saliva at an open wound or eyes, nose or mouth is at risk.

If you or someone you know, or a pet has been exposed to the bat you should contact the Warren County Health Department immediately.

Call the Warren County Health Department at 540-635-3159 after hours call 540-665-8611.

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