Rabies warning for Front Royal

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The Lord Fairfax Health District has issued a rabies warning for Front Royal.

The warning is due to the discovery of a raccoon with rabies on April 17th near the Royal Arms Apartments.

The raccoon is no longer a threat to the area but if you believe that you, your children, or a pet came in contact with that raccoon, they should call the Warren County Health Department immediately.

Any bite, scratch, or lick from an animal with rabies can lead to exposure.

The health department also issued a reminder to stay away from wild animals and keep your pet’s vaccines up to date.

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LFHD reports rabies encounters

rabies risk in strasburg

The Lord Fairfax Health District (LFHD) reports two separate encounters with pets and wild animals with rabies.

The first occurred in the 2800 block of Middle Road Winchester with another in the McDonald Farm Road area in Linden.

The two encounters occurred in late May and early June.

The animals, a raccoon and fox, no longer pose a threat but both cases serve as reminders to not approach stray dogs wild animals or feral cats.

Especially if the animals are acting strangely or nocturnal animals are out in the day.

Saliva from any unfamiliar animal could pose a threat.

Any contact by a person or domestic animal needs to be reported immediately along  with immediate medical evaluation.

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