News Maker Samantha Barber on revitalizing the youth center

Reaching Out Now is attempting to revitalize the Raymond E. Santmyer’s Youth Center for young people and Students.

We spoke with Reaching Out Now President Samantha Barber about the effort in our latest news maker.

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Samantha tells us that the center will keep the Santmyer’s name but will include Student Union in the title.

She also tells us that much has been done thanks to county government and involved citizens and organizations. .

Samantha also tells us that there is plenty still to do with a wish list and volunteer opportunities available here.

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News Maker Ryan Cubbage on a Warren Coalition Event

The Warren Coalition will hold a We Love Our Community Event on Tue. Feb. 15.

The event begins at 4:45 at the Raymond E. Santmyers Youth Center in Front Royal.

We spoke with Ryan Cubbage about the event in our latest news maker segment.

The good news is brought to you by The Town of Front Royal.

Ryan gives us details of what is going to be a fun family event to celebrate the community.

This is all a part of the We See You Warren County Campaign for the Warren Coalition.

Ryan tells about the Polar Pitch and how you can help get people wet at the event.

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