Fun Fact October 5, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and it will cut you for sure.  Over the weekend I did a little work that required the use of a utility knife.  I have several in my tool box, some fold, some the blades retract and some are fixed blades.  They all fall under the category of utility knife.  A bladed tool goes way back to when our distant ancestors made knives out of stone or bone.  The particular knife I used this time is more commonly known as the “Stanley knife” after the popular tool manufacturer.  It was gray, about six inches long with a razor sharp retractable blade.  To change the blade you simply remove the screw in the center of the knife, pull the two halves apart and carefully either turn the blade around to use the other end of it or replace it completely with a new one, conveniently stored inside the knife.  In most cases, I’ll go to change the blade and find that there aren’t any new blades in the knife, which begins a search for the pack of blades I know I have, in one of my tool boxes.  Now, what was I using this utility knife for again?  Listen to the podcast here;