REC implements new technology to boost reliability

Jake Michael and Matt Fauyer of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s (REC) Front Royal office have been working a new ways to keep power coming to your home.

The pair have been working on and perfecting the use of unmanned aerial devices.

The use of the drones prevents outages before the occur.

Drones have improved inspection of lines and equipment as well as inspecting trees that could cause potential outages.

Implementing the new technology increases speed, safety and reliability to better serve member owners.

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REC protects animals and your power supply

winter storm outages

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) is implementing a program to protect wildlife as well as your power supply.

REC is deploying animal guards on transformers and other related equipment.

Squirrels alone can cause 1,000 outages in a single year.

To protect both the critter and your power supply some REC poles have even been wrapped in plastic and padding to prevent the relentless little scamps from climbing and damaging equipment.

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REC provides over 1,000 meals

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) has provided over 1,000 meals to hospital staff members.

Because of the Coronavirus hospital staffers have worked tirelessly in their battle.

REC Cares has ensured that those medical professionals have gotten their meals.

REC has donated meals to eleven hospitals across their service area including Winchester Medical Center as well as Warren Memorial Hospital.

By doing this the Cooperative has both supported locally operated restaurants and provided meals to those who are keeping our communities safe.

In addition to the meals REC donated large and small hand sanitizers and gift cards to Costco and B.J’s Warehouse for staff to get snacks and supplies.

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