I reckon!

I reckon it’s time for another Fun Fact.  Would you like to hear another Fun Fact?  Here’s where you would say “I reckon.”  According to Etym Online dot com, Reckon comes from the Old English word gerecenian, meaning to explain, relate, recount or remember.  Reckon can also mean to calculate or settle, as in reckoning your account.  In a previous Fun Fact we explored “dead reckoning,” or using your senses to determine where you are and which way you should go when navigating.  Here in the U. S. reckon is primarily a southern term meaning to believe or be of the opinion of something.  I reckon we’d better get to work or I reckon he’s in Alabama by now.  You could also use the term in the form of a question, as in, “do you reckon he’s in Alabama yet?”  And the answer would be “I reckon,” if you agree or “I don’t reckon” if you disagree.  I reckon we’ve covered this nine ways to Sunday, don’t you?   Listen to the podcast here;   https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/