Winchester residents can recycle glass again

amanda behan

City of Winchester announced that residents can now drop off glass for recycling at 5 locations as of Monday.

Those locations include Frederick Douglass Park, Whittier Park, Park Place Park, Weaver Park and Jim Barnett Park.

Using COVID-19  stimulus funds the City purchased a glass crushing mechanism that is now fully installed and functioning.

The machine can crush one ton of glass an hour which will in turn be used for City construction projects.

The machine will pulverize glass into sand and aggregate to be used to fill sand bags and temporary road barricades as well as other projects.

The pulverized glass will be used in City projects and hopefully will become available for community members in the future.

Interesting to note that when the City collected glass for recycling at curbside they processed an average of five tons per month.

Any questions can be directed to Winchester City’s Public Works department at 540-773-1340.

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Fun Fact February 8, 2022.

Tool time Tuesday and today we’re stripping!  Calm down, we’re stripping wires.  Over the weekend I installed a new, GFCI outlet in our kitchen island.  One of the tools I used was a pair of wire strippers.  They resemble a pair of pliers or scissors.  Although their primary purpose is to remove the insulation from the end of a wire, they actually can do several other jobs.  You can use the tip to grab and twist wires together before adding a wire nut.  Most have a space used to cut wire to length, a hole to shear off small bolts, crimpers to crimp connections, like a ground sleeve and a loop hole to make a hook or loop in the end of a wire to wrap around a screw terminal.  I have several pairs of strippers, all about the same.  I also use them to strip old copper wire for recycling.  Maybe someday I’ll upgrade to a pair that automatically adjust to the wire size and remove exactly the right amount of insulation with one, easy squeeze of the handle.  For now, I’ll just use what I have, they work fairly well, at least for what I need them for.  Listen to the podcast here;

Winchester’s new trash receptacles are rolling out

The new roll off trash receptacles are being delivered by the City of Winchester.

If you haven’t received yours yet you can expect it in the next three weeks.

The new receptacles are being provided at no cost to the customer and will be maintained by the City.

Old containers can be used for recycling or if you prefer you can set it to the curb with a note telling the crew to take it away on your trash collection day.

The new receptacles are designed to put less stress on employees backs and arms as they can be wheeled to the collection truck and lifted by mechanical arms.

If you have any question you can direct those to

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