The inaugural Ride with Rotary benefited two charities

thanksgiving activity boxes

The results of the inaugural Ride with Rotary event were relayed by email from organizer and Rotary member Jen Avery.

The event took place Saturday Apr. 9 and benefited two local charities.

Bicyclist rode four different courses laid out by experienced riders.

Riders had a choice of a 10, 24, 50 or 64 mile run through the Shenandoah Valley.

Sponsored rest and refresh location were positioned throughout the runs.

The event was hosted by the Warren County Rotary Club.

Over 75 riders registered for the ride with that and through the local sponsorship the inaugural event brought in over $13,500.

The funds will be shared by two different charities both Cars Changing Lives and Reaching Out Now will benefit.

The success of Saturday’s event will likely ensure that the Warren County Rotary will hold a Ride with Rotary event in 2023.

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