Valley Health acquires robotic technology

Valley Health’s Public Relations Manager Carol Weare confirms by email new equipment for orthopedic surgeons.

Valley Health orthopedic surgery teams at Warren Memorial Hospital and Winchester Medical Center have brought on two surgical robots to help patients seek relief from arthritic knee pain and immobility through total knee replacement.

Orthopedic surgeons are using robotic technology to aid in same day total reconstruction procedures at both facilities.

Robot assisted surgery offers uncompromising steadiness and precision when performing total knee replacements.

Paired with the robotic technology and imaging and surgical planning interface provides a detailed 3 D model of the patient’s unique anatomy.

A surgeon can guide the robotic arm to achieve high levels of accuracy.

The Valley Health orthopedics teams completes more than 1,000 total joint replacements each year.

Now with the robotic technology it can be an outpatient surgery allowing most patients to go home the same day.

So far patients who have had the surgery with the robotic technology since mid March  have been pleased with their results.

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