Rooted in Wellness: A Conversation About Financial Wellness

financial wellness

Northwestern Community Services Board Prevention & Wellness Services recently kicked off a yearlong campaign highlighting eight different dimensions of wellness. Their “Rooted in” campaign is in its third year with 2023’s message: Rooted in Wellness. Each month they will encourage and challenge community members to get involved by either participating in a monthly challenge or attending a Lunch and Learn session. Janet Michael, host of The Valley Today will have a conversation each month about that month’s featured dimension. You can listen to the Financial Wellness conversation by clicking here.

The goals of the campaign are to deliver the following messages of wellness:
• To raise awareness about how being mentally well impacts not only one part of who we are;
• To encourage community members to become mentally well;
• To foster connection and resilience in our communities by emphasizing wellness.

“Rooted in Wellness” is a collaborative project. Prevention and Wellness works closely with local coalitions to reach each community in their service area. These include Family Youth Initiative, Page Alliance for Community Action, Warren Coalition, and Northern Shenandoah Valley Substance Abuse Coalition. In addition, the campaign hopes to bring awareness to 2 statewide initiatives: Activate Your Wellness and Lock and Talk Virginia.

Each month there will be a call to action with tips, activities, and education to build up a specific dimension of wellness. There are various ways to engage in the campaign including through social media. Stay up-to-date by following @NWCSBWellness on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for infographics, photos, resources, and quotes. As this campaign is yearlong, be sure to visit regularly for updates and schedule of monthly activities. Share posts and include the hashtag #NWRootedinWellness. Get involved. Be creative. Take photos that reflect what wellness means to you and tag @NWCSBWellness on social media with the hashtag #NWPhotoVoiceChallenge. Implement #NWRootedinWellness into your everyday life this year.

Yard signs with wellness messages are also available as part of this effort. Reach out if you are interested in displaying a FREE sign by emailing See signs? Take a picture and be sure to tag @NWCSBWellness and use the hashtag #NWRootedinWellness.

Today’s conversation included Karen Poff. Karen manages the Northern Shenandoah Valley Financial Education Program through Virginia Cooperative Extension. Karen explained why Financial Wellness is an important first step and talked about the Lunch & Learn she is hosting on the topic. You can watch the recording of that by clicking here.

To follow all the conversations, follow The Valley Today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also find each month’s conversation at under Rooted in Wellness.