Fun Fact July 8, 2021.

Let the conspiracy theories begin!  It was on this date in 1947 that something happened near Roswell, New Mexico.  The Roswell Army Air Field, RAAF, issued a press release stating that they had recovered a “flying disc” from a ranch near Roswell. The Army quickly retracted the statement and said instead that the crashed object was a conventional weather balloon.  Later reports were that it was a weather balloon, but not a “regular” weather balloon, it was a high altitude weather balloon.  And that was that, until about 1970 when a retired Lieutenant Colonel, in an interview with a “UFO researcher”, said the balloon story was a cover up.  From there the conspiracy theories snowballed.  To this day, Roswell continues to reap the benefits of an event that happened, or didn’t happen, 75 miles away.  To reference yesterday’s Fun Fact, I’d venture to say that if you want to see someone who’s out in left field, visit Roswell New Mexico.  If you do, be sure to phone home.  Na new, na new!