Intersection improvements begin along Boyce’s Main Street

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The Virginia Department of Transportation will begin improvements on the intersection of Route 340 (Greenway Avenue) and Route 723 (Main Street) in Boyce on Wednesday, May 31.

VDOT crews will install flashing stop signs and a high visibility crosswalk with pedestrian signs. The existing overhead flashing signals will be removed.

During installation, motorists should expect flagger traffic control from 8 am to 4 pm.

Crews will return a week later to remove the overhead signals.

When the intersection is complete, drivers approaching the intersection on Route 723 will encounter the dynamic stop signs.

Remember to stop completely and proceed when the road is clear.

The improvements were made following a request by the Town of Boyce to evaluate the intersection.

VDOT plans to install a full traffic signal at the intersection in the future.

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