Sports: Friday, March 15, 2024

UVA Advances To ACC Semis, Big Win For Caps, Howell To Seattle

Connor McMichael gets the breakaway goal in the Caps’ 2-1 win over Seattle. Courtesy Capitals Radio Network

Sports Dogs Podcast: We Want Dallas! (Maybe Not)

It’s Dallas Week for Washington Commanders fans, albeit a strange one, as a Washington loss means a higher draft pick for the Burgundy and Gold. What do you root for on Sunday–a Washington win (because you hate the Cowboys) or a Commanders loss to insure possibly getting your franchise QB in the draft? What is a fan to do? The Dogs break it down in their first podcast of 2024…

Sports: Thursday, January 4, 2024

Area HS Hoop Scores, Caps Doubled Up By Devils 6-3, Howell Named Starter Against Dallas

Carlson and Kuzy light the lamp for the Caps in loss to NJ. Courtesy Capitals Radio Network…


Breaking News

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Greetings From The Booth!

To quote an old song, “Mama said there’d be days like this.”

I imagine there’s a little room on the Washington Commanders’ Bandwagon this week after an absolute drubbing at the hands of the Buffalo Bills, 37-3, that sent the Burgundy and Gold fan base crashing back to earth after a 2-0 start. When you looked at the schedule before the season began, you probably had this game as being an “L,” but it was the way the Commanders lost that was disappointing. There is plenty of blame to go around, and we’ll dole some out, but suffice it to say that the Bills are a team that is in the Super Bowl conversation. The Commanders are not.

Breaking News: Sam Howell was just sacked again…

The Commanders’ O-line has been a mess all season, and if they continue being a sieve, Howell will not survive the season. The second-year QB has been sacked 19 times already this season. Do the math, and that’s over 100 sacks. No quarterback in the NFL can escape injury when he is taken down that many times. Here’s some perspective for you: The legendary Hogs allowed quarterback Mark Rypien to be sacke justĀ seven timesĀ in the 1991 season! If you think Sunday was ugly, it could get worse when Washington faces Philadelphia this coming weekend. So far this year, the Commanders’ offensive line has definitely been offensive.

Breaking News: Sam Howell just threw another interception…

Howell played his worst game against the Bills, throwing four picks, and a few of those were head-scratchers. You can certainly attribute the aforementioned O-line as a factor, but for all the upside Howell offers, he does tend to hold onto the ball too long. Howell has a cannon for an arm, and when given time, he can throw dimes, as evidenced several times this year. But against NFL defenses, you don’t have all day to throw the football. These aren’t early September college games against North Carolina A&T. That being said, the Commanders’ organization needs to see if Sam Howell is their franchise quarterback, and ignore the fans’ calls to put in backup Jacoby Brissett. The Commnders know what they have in Brissett–they need to find out what they have in Howell. Let’s see how the next few weeks play out and go from there.

Breaking News: Antonio Gibson just fumbled, again…

That’s 2 in the last 3 weeks for the fumble-prone Gibson. His fumble in the second half of Sunday’s game opened the floodgates for Buffalo in what was still a winnable game for Washington, as they were only down 16-0 at the time. Gibson is certainly a playmaker, but turnovers in the NFL translate into losses, and there are other options for Washington if Gibson continues to be a liability.

Breaking News: The defense just missed another tackle…

Where is this supposedly elite defense of Jack del Rio’s? We saw glimpses in the first 2 weeks, but the “D” was completely MIA against the Bills. Poor pass coverage, no pass rush from, at this point, an overrated defensive line, and some of the sloppiest tackling you’ll see on an NFL game. Let’s stop calling this defense one of the best in the NFL until they actually are.

Breaking News: Dan Snyder, Vinnie Cerrato, and Jim Zorn were spotted at Fed-Ex on Sunday…

Maybe not, but it sure seemed that way, especially when Joey Slye kicked a field goal at the end of the game on Sunday. In true Snyder-era form, that clutch kick made the score 37-3 instead of 37-0. I really thought we were past these clown moves, but I guess old habits die hard. Somewhere, Cerrato was on a postgame show saying that a season-ending tiebreaker might come down to points, while Zorn was “hip-hip hooraying” the “old Maroon and Black.” As my broadcast partner Ryan Rutherford texted, “saddest field goal ever.”

Here’s another blast from the past: If the above things don’t get cleaned up, we might have a repeat of the infamous 1990 “body bag” game against the Eagles on Sunday, and news won’t be the only thing breaking…

Until the next visit from The Booth…HTTR!







Sports: Monday, August 14, 2023

Nats Walk Off A’s To Complete Sweep, O’s Down Mariners In 10, Commanders Win Pre-Season Opener

Jeter Downs singles in the game-winning run in Nats’ sweep of the A’s. The call courtesy of the Nationals Radio Network…

The Clouds Have Parted

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Greetings From The Booth!

Let the new era of Washington Football begin (whatever you choose to call the team)! This past Friday, the Josh Harris ownership of the Washington football franchise began with a 17-15 preseason victory against the Cleveland Browns. The score doesn’t matter, really. The numbers on the scoreboard don’t tell the true tale of the optimism that now surrounds the organization following the 23-year train wreck of Dan Snyder.

No, I’m talking about the “vibe” emanating from Ashburn and beyond. It’s as if a 2-decade storm has moved out of the area and the sun is shining bright. Of course, there is optimism with every NFL team this time of year, because everyone is undefeated. But this is different. An apathetic fan base is re-energized and ready to return to a stadium that in recent years has been occupied by fans of the opposing team. An organization who usually only wins “off the field” seems ready now to win on it.

The difference between the previous and current owner is like night and day. Although both Snyder and Harris grew up as fans of the burgundy and gold in the glory days, Snyder was not a “man of the people.” Harris, meanwhile, endeared himself immediately to the fan base by buying over 1000 of them a beer at a recent DC radio station event at The Bullpen on Half Street near Nationals Park. Harris was seen sitting in the rain among the fans Friday night in Cleveland, as opposed to being enclosed in an owner’s box out of the elements.

These aforementioned things from Harris seem genuine, while everything Snyder did seemed contrived and thrown together. Who could forget the botched Sean Taylor tribute, with an inaccurately-detailed uniform hung on a wire mannequin? How about the last-minute hiring of head coach Jim Zorn, who referred to the team’s colors as “the old Maroon and Black?” Or the many “homecoming” events that attempted to tie the team’s glory days with the present?

Now, in earnest, many past greats are returning to the team. One of them is Darrell Green, who helped the then-Redskins to numerous Super Bowls, and played 20 years with the team. Green is someone you never saw anywhere near the organization under the Snyder regime. And the list goes on, including Joe Gibbs, who brought the organization 3 Lombardi trophies, and in “Gibbs 2.0,” took Washington to 2 playoff appearances under Snyder.

Speaking of the team name, the list of signatures is now over 70,000 to change it back to “Redskins.” I don’t think that will happen, but the name “Commanders” will soon be gone, as Harris tries to tie the present with the past. It’s interesting that Harris has rarely used the name “Commanders” in his public appearances, and preseason play-by-play man Chick Hernandez almost exclusively referred to the team as “the burgundy and gold” in Friday’s game. (Friday night, I played the “burgundy and gold” drinking game, and was three sheets by the second quarter).

On the field, the pieces seem to be in place. Training camp has been spirited, if not chippy, and new OC (and possibly future HC) Eric Bieniemy is whipping a new offense in shape to compliment what should be a top-five defense. New QB1 Sam Howell looked decisive on Friday, and has some exciting weapons around him. Howell will certainly experience growing pains, but his body language shows he’s ready to be “the man.”

No one knows what the 2023 season will bring, but the clouds seem to have parted in the DMV, and now it’s time to bask in the long-awaited sunshine.

Until the next visit from The Booth, HTT?




Sports Dogs Podcast: Putting A Bow On The Commanders’ Season

In this edition of the Sports Dogs Podcast, R-Dog & The Duke recap the 2022 Washington Commanders’ 8-8-1 season, and look ahead to the offseason and what changes might be looming for the Burgundy & Gold. Happy New Year, everyone!

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