Career & Internship Fair at Lord Fairfax (becoming Laurel Ridge) Community College

We were on the screen recording for today’s episode of The Valley Today with Sarah Pangle, Career Services Advisor at Lord Fairfax (becoming Laurel Ridge) Community College to talk about the college’s upcoming Career & Internship Fair. Click here to have a listen.

The Career & Internship Fair will be held on Tuesday, March 22 at the Corron Community Development Center from 10am – 3pm. Sarah told us how attendees should prepare for attending the event (resume, wardrobe, small talk) and told us a bit about the types of employers who will be in attendance. While we were recording, another employer signed up bringing the total to 89 across over a dozen different industry sectors such as trades, manufacturing, healthcare, law enforcement, retail, etc.

The event will also feature free resume review services and a session: The 3 Secrets to Landing Your First Dream Job That No One Has Told You!

Registration is not required and the event is free to anyone in our community – being a student is not required.

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