REC storm prep information

Rappahannock Electric (REC) issues a reminder that the National Weather Service predicts heavy rain, with the potential for severe storms, and powerful winds from late Saturday through early Monday.

REC is prepared to respond to any power outages, and urge you to prepare now, as well.

Bookmark the Outage Map on your mobile device:

Make sure your Outage Kit is stocked:

Bookmark REC’s Outage Center.

You can track outage restoration and report an outage using your smart phone:

If you lose power, *please do not report your outage on social media*.

Instead, to ensure we have your outage logged, please use your smart phone to report your outage online:

Take Advantage of IMPROVED Outage Text Alerts.

You can now report an outage through a text message and can also text key words such as STATUS to get the latest on an outage impacting your home or business.

Learn more:

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