Two Skyline Students are recognized for saving a life

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Two students from Skyline High School were recognized by the Warren County Department of Fire and Rescue Services for their life saving actions.

During the Warren County Skyline High School football game Nov. 4 Patrick McGann and Carson Richardson took action after observing a female student spectator choking.

Patrick immediately applied the Heimlich Maneuver while Carson notified Emergency Medical Personal.

Because of the pair’s quick action the female student survived the incident with no other medical aid needed.

The two students credited the Emergency First Aid and CPR courses at Skyline High School as the reason for knowing what to do in the situation.

Since 2013 schools are required to offer the courses when then Governor McDonnell signed into law the Gwyneth Law.

Lieutenant Cucciardo and Fire Chief Bonzano presented the duo with their certificates of merit at the Warren County Board of Supervisor monthly meeting Nov. 16.

A video of the entire meeting can be found here.

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