Page County Sheriff’s Office warns of possible scam calls

The Page County Sheriff’s Office announced that it has become aware of some phone calls being received by residents.

The calls have been coming from the number 540-385-3236 with the person claiming to be representing the Page County Sheriff’s Office.

The caller may tell you that they are a Deputy of the Page County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Cubbage reminds residents if they receive such a call be sure to get their name.

Then call 540-743-6571 and ask for that Deputy or representative to verify they actually called you.

Cubbage wants citizens to beware of scammers and to verify those posing as Deputies and or Police Officers.

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FCSO issues a warning against another scam

phone scam warning

The Frederick County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) is receiving reports of fraudulent phone calls.

The calls appear to come from the Rappahannock, Shenandoah, Warren Regional Jail.

The recipient of the call is being told they are facing federal charges if they don’t pay a fine.

The Sheriff’s Office reminds citizens that it is a scam and authorities will never make calls like this.

If you receive such a call you should hang up immediately.

Concerns about such a call can be directed to your local law enforcement agency.

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