VH reaffirms their safety and security on National Hospitals Against Violence Day

Valley Health (VH) announced that they remain steadfast in their commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for caregivers, patients, and visitors.

This follows June 7 National Hospitals Against Violence Day.

VH addresses the reality of hospital violence in the United States and outlined the steps they take to ensure safety.

The watch for security risks are continuous at all VH Hospitals

Increased on-site security personnel, surveillance, and emergency planning with clear expectations are in place.

All VH employees are trained in crisis de-escalation techniques.

Comprehensive safety and health management systems are in place to build safety standards and reduce injuries.

Particular focus is placed on supporting and caring for the health care team.

Caregivers are often the victims of violence or threats.

In fact, the American Hospital Association reports that healthcare workers suffer more workplace violence and injury than any other environment.

Since the pandemic healthcare workers report a marked increase in both physical violence and verbal abuse.

Emergency departments suffer the most, which impacts patient care and safety.

VH is committed to protecting all in their hospital settings.

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