Gov. Youngkin and Senator Warner address gas prices

ABC News reports that Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin addressed gas prices at the Chamber RVA annual meeting Mon. Mar. 7.

Youngin blamed federal policy for the increase and said inflation could not be fixed through the actions of one governor alone.

The governor did say that eliminating the unnecessary taxes on already inflated prices would help.

Reiterating his day one pledge to eliminate taxes to help Virginians who need it most.

The governor added that the tax cut proposal is in the House budget for fiscal 2023 but not in the Senate plan.

An email from Senator Mark Warner meanwhile assures the American people that Congress is addressing the issue of gas prices.

Adding that he, the administration and his colleagues are doing everything they can to address the problem.

The senator writes, where only 3 percent of the nation’s oil comes from Russia we needed to stop the support of Vladimir Putin and show support for the Ukrainian people.

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Sen. Warner’s remarks on Ukraine Russia

An email from Virginia Senator Mark Warner relays his statement on Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine.

Senator Warner, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, calls the actions of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine’s territory a tragedy.

The senator went on to say in the email the actions bring decades of peace to an end.

Warner is calling for a united front from all sides of the aisle and Atlantic to demonstrate that the aggression will not go unpunished.

The senator went on to say we must bolster the defense of our NATO allies while exploring ways to help the Ukrainian people.

Warner went on to say that Russia will pay a steep cost for Putin’s reckless ambition in blood and economic harm.

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