FCSO’s Lenny Millholland elected President of VSA

Congratulations are in order for Frederick County Sheriff Lenny Millholland who was just elected the President of the Virginia Sheriff’s Association (VSA).

The VSA’s Conference was held in Virginia Beach with Sheriffs from across Virginia gathering for the latest law enforcement information.

Training information included updates from the Department of Criminal Justice and Compensation Board.

Volunteer Frederick County Sheriff’s Deputy and TV and Film star Dean Cain was at the conference and swore in all new members of the association board including Sheriff Millholland as the President.

As the 2023-24 president of the VSA Sheriff Millholland will oversee 95 percent of the 123 sheriff’s offices in the state.

That includes more than 9,200 sheriff office staff members.

The association gives a voice to sheriffs and deputies working on many levels and in cooperation with the various segments of the criminal justice system and state government.

The association also guarantees representation for sheriffs and deputies throughout the state.

Sheriff Millholland was at the Virginia Beach conference with Sheriff Chad Cubbage of Page County and Sheriff Tim Carter of Shenandoah County.

A link to the official announcement is found here.

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Body cameras are on the way to Page County

Page County Sheriff Chad Cubbage announced that the Sheriff’s Office has been working on securing funding for body worn camera systems.

Before any law enforcement agency in Virginia can purchase or deploy body-worn cameras, they must first establish and adopt a written policy for the operation of the systems.

In addition to identifying the best practices which are consistent with Virginia’s laws and regulations, law enforcement agencies must also make the policy available for review by the public prior to its adoption and implementation.

PCSO has drafted a policy based on the Department of Criminal Justice Services Model Policy.

The policy covers the following: use of body worn cameras generally, equipment, officer responsibility, supervisor responsibility, privacy and restricted use, access, and video retention.

The policy is available for public review Monday through Friday 8 am – 4 pm until August 1st at the Page County Sheriff’s Office Administrative Building.

The policy will go into effect barring any disputes on August 2nd, 2023.

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Page County Sheriff’s Office receives two grants

The Page County Sheriff’s Office social media page reports the reception of two grants totaling almost $23,500.

The first grant totaling $9,662.50 is from the Department of Justice, Patrick Leahy Bulletproof Vest Partnership.

That grant allows the purchase of body armor for deputies whose vest have expired or to purchase vests for new recruits.

The second grant totaling $13,780 is from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

That grant has been split into three categories speed, seatbelt and alcohol enforcement.

Overtime for saturated patrols and checkpoints is allotted to deputies through time frames identified by DMV statistics.

Page County Sheriff Chad Cubbage recognized the efforts of grants manager Tina Sumpter for her work in acquiring these grants.

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PCSD employees participate in No Shave November

Page County Sheriff Chad Cubbage has given permission to his deputies to grow beards and facial hair as of Oct. 1.

Page County Sheriff Department employees are participating in a No Shave November event.

It is all for a good cause and goes toward Christmas gifts for the area.

Each participant growing facial hair pays $45 which will be used in a fundraiser for the gifts.

The gifts will be distributed across Page County during the Christmas holiday season.

Sheriff Cubbage ask citizen that if they see a Deputy with facial hair to remember they are supporting the cause of No Shave November for the gifts and the Sheriff thanks you for the support.

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