Smoke from a controlled burn reported across the valley

Smoke from a controlled or prescribed burn was seen and reported throughout the Shenandoah Valley yesterday Apr.4.

The smoke was seen and reported in Warren, Page, Shenandoah Counties as the burn was conducted in the Fort Valley area.

Nearly 600 acres were set on fire by the US Forest Service to clear the acreage of  debris that could fuel a worse fire in the future.

The fire was confined to the Green Mountain area of Fort Valley near and around the Peters Mill Run Trail and Kings Crossing with smoke seen and smelled for at least a 10 mile radius.

These burns not only clear the acreage of  potential fuel that could cause a more destructive fire in the future but help to preserve endangered species of both plants and animals in the area being burned.

The burns are highly controlled and monitor by professionals at all times.

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