Attorney General weighs in on student-athlete likeness ruling

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares backed a federal judge’s ruling that bars the NCAA from enforcing its rules prohibiting name, image and likeness compensation for recruits, calling it a ‘significant victory’

“Today’s decision is a significant victory in our effort to protect Virginia’s student-athletes from the NCAA’s restrictive and unfair rules,” said Attorney General Miyares said in an emailed statement Friday. “The students putting in the countless hours of hard work, sacrifice, and determination should have the freedom and capability to negotiate and benefit from their skills and abilities. Student-athletes generate millions of dollars for the NCAA, its members, and corporations within the college sports industry – it’s only fair that they have more freedom over what they earn. The NCAA has taken advantage of talented young athletes for too long.”

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VA AG files lawsuit against NCAA over NIL restrictions

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares filed an antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA along with the Attorney General of Tennessee, Jonathan Skrmetti.

The states allege that the NCAA’s restrictions on student-athletes’ ability to negotiate and benefit from their own Name, Image, and Likeness rights violate federal antitrust laws and is harmful to the student-athletes.

The Supreme Court previously found that the NCAA violates antitrust law by imposing unreasonable restraints on compensation that may be received by student athletes which led to Virginia establishing laws to benefit the NIL market for student athletes.

The lawsuit alleges that student athletes:

  • are prevented from negotiating with collectives
  • unable to review NIL offers prior to making their enrollment decision
  • cannot properly consider the NIL services offered by the school upon enrollment

A link to the full lawsuit is available here

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Coach C On Monday’s SC Ruling

In this week’s Sports Dogs Podcast, we bring on our contributing NCAA expert, Mike Costello, better known as Coach C. We discuss Monday’s unanimous Supreme Court ruling which says the NCAA can’t limit the amount of education-related benefits to a student athlete, saying that the current limits violate antitrust laws. The ruling could pave the way for payment to student-athletes. Coach C and R-Dog navigate the slippery slope…