Fun Fact October 12, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and today we’re cutting up.  It was sort of rainy over the weekend, but there was enough of a break for me to do a bit of outside work and I used one of my circular saws in the project.  These are handy for various cutting jobs, but their invention is somewhat cloudy.  According the York Saw dot com, some say they were invented in Brittan in 1722 by Samuel Miller.  Another is that a German invented it in 1780 and still another says that Walter Taylor did it a little while after that.  Here in the US, a Shaker woman named Tabitha Babbitt is said to have also invented a circular saw entirely of her own volition and design in 1810.  The early saws were powered by hand or a treadle that was mounted underneath, sort of like your Grandma’s Singer sewing machine.  The idea for a portable version came along in 1929 by a guy named Art Edmond.   No matter who invented it, it remains a go to tool for professionals and DIYer’s alike.  Listen to the podcast here;