Operation CARE

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Thanksgiving traditionally marks the beginning of the holiday travel season.

For many Virginians, this means hitting the roads, and in some cases, travelling long distances to share time with loved ones.

Virginia State Police will once again be participating in Operation C.A.R.E – Crash Awareness and Reduction Effort.

This means state troopers will be increasing their presence and enforcement efforts during the weekends.

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The First Thanksgiving

Was the first Thanksgiving really in Massachusetts? This podcast may make you rethink what you were taught in elementary school.


Virginia History & Culture Museum  

The Washingtonian Magazine

Turkey Bowl Revisited

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Greetings From The Booth!

As this is Thanksgiving week, I hope we all take a moment and reflect on the things for which we are truly thankful. We at Royal Broadcasting recently finished our annual Camping For Hunger week-long food drive. In a challenging economy, this year’s CFH raised over 14-thousand pounds of food and about $17 thousand in monetary donations for Front Royal-Warren County C-CAP, and this would not have happened without the generosity of the community. Helping to unload all of that food from the Camping For Hunger Bus Saturday was a humbling an awesome experience, and made me even more thankful for my Thanksgiving meal.

As I write this post, several of our area high school football teams are still alive in the VHSL playoffs, and play in regional championship games tonight (Friday 11-25). The 2b title will go to either Strasburg or Central in what should be a great game. In a Class 3 regional championship game, the Warren County Wildcats have a tough task as they head to Nokesville to take on the talented Tigers. On paper, Brentsville looks like the prohibitive favorite but the games aren’t played on paper.

Thanksgiving always takes me back to a time when I was younger, faster, and less breakable. Like many weekend warriors across the USA, I always participated in a “Turkey Bowl” football game back in the day. For me, that game was usually played on the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, and almost always at the Rosemont School lot in Martinsburg (WV). I had the honor of being the captain of  “Woodward’s Skins,” while our opponent was a team led by Todd Lyons, aptly named “Lyon’s Lions.” After all, it’s tradition that the Lions play on Thanksgiving, right?

Like any athletic field, ours had it’s unique qualities. The Rosemont lot ran adjacent to a blacktop playground, so “asphalt rash” was not unusual in one of our Turkey Bowl games. And, although two-hand tag was the preferred style of play, hard hitting was not ruled out. After a full afternoon of football, we left those games muddy, sometimes bloody, but full of memories that have filled the years.

At some point we all got old–I’m not sure exactly when that was–and the Turkey Bowls were just something remembered in group texts and phone calls as we all went our separate ways. But there are times when, as the saying goes, “my mind writes checks my body can’t cash,” and I’m pretty sure I can hit Kevin Funkhouser with a perfect spiral as he runs a fly pattern along the row of pine trees…

If you’re still fortunate to be able to play in your own Turkey Bowl, savor the time…it’s all too fleeting.

Until the next visit from The Booth, Happy Thanksgiving!





Fun Fact November 24, 2021.

Turkey day is tomorrow.  Most all of us will be sitting down enjoying a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  But what about the first Thanksgiving?  According to History dot com, The best account we have is from a letter from Edward Winslow who was an English settler.  The letter never mentions the word “Thanksgiving,” but tells of a weeklong harvest celebration that included a three-day celebration with King Massasoit and 90 Wampanoag men. This happened in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1671.  But was that, in fact, the first “Thanksgiving?”  Some historians argue that the first one was 65 years earlier and some 1,100 miles to the south, in Florida.  In 1565  a Spanish fleet came ashore and planted a cross in the sandy beach to christen the new settlement of St. Augustine. To celebrate the arrival and give thanks for God’s providence, the 800 Spanish settlers shared a festive meal with the native Timucuan people.  Thanks to everyone who donated to the 13th annual Camping For Hunger last week.  Because of your generosity more of our neighbors will be enjoying Thanksgiving.  You can always  make an online donation at our ccap dot org.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/

Sports Dogs Podcast: Talkin’ SU Sports With Scott Musa

In this latest SDPC, we head into the Thanksgiving holiday with a visit from Shenandoah University Associate AD Scott Musa by putting a bow on the Hornets’ 7-3 football season, and most importantly, finding out what’s on the “Musa menu” on Turkey Day!

Fun Fact November 23, 2021.

Tool time Tuesday and a lot of you will be using this later this week.  According the Mighty Carver dot com the electric carving knife was invented by Jerome L. Murray and patented in 1964.  An electric knife, or electric carving knife, is an electrical kitchen appliance used for slicing foods. It requires less physical effort than an ordinary knife and produces more defined slices. The kitchen tool consists of two serrated blades that are clipped together and oscillate via a small electric motor.  Murray was a great inventor and held 75 patents that have had great impact on American life. Mr. Murray was passionate about making daily tasks simpler for all people. He invented things that were useful, time-saving, and practical.  A few of his other inventions included a windmill to power radios for farmers who were not connected to the grid, the antenna rotor for fine tuning your television reception and the power seat for automobiles.  Listen to the podcast here; https://theriver953.com/lonnies-fun-fact/