News Maker Jen Avery on the Empty Bowl Supper

House of Hope’s annual Empty Bowl Supper is this Sat. Apr. 30 in downtown Front Royal.

House of Hope is a home for men who need a place to stay will attempting to improve their lives.

We spoke to Jen Avery about the house and the Empty Bowl Supper in our latest news maker.

The good news is brought to you by The Town of Front Royal.

Jen tells us about how to support the Empty Bowl Supper by either buying a bowl or by sponsorship of the event.

Jen also tells about last year’s Empty Bowl Supper and how successful it was thanks to your support.

She also tells us how the House of Hope has progressed with your support.

Click here for Jen’s interview.

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News Maker Lonnie Hill on preparing a radio station for snow

It has been a tough week with the snow and more on the way for some parts of Virginia.

This has closed schools, caused delays and has made it hard for my news maker guest make it to their appointments.

So because he is here and affected by the snow like all of us we spoke to Operation Manager of Royal Broadcasting Lonnie Hill in our latest news maker.

The good news is brought to you by The Town of Front Royal.

Lonnie tells us what goes into preparing a radio station for inclement weather.

He also tells us what goes on at a radio station during inclement weather.

Lonnie also talks on the changes that have happened over the years.

Click here for Lonnie’s interview.

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Ready to load the Camping for Hunger bus Nov. 15-20

We begin loading the Camping for Hunger bus  November 15 with your donations.

The bus is going to be in the station parking lot again this year at 1106 Elm Street Front Royal.

Your donations will help C-Cap feed those in need here in Warren County and we thank you for your help.

Where the bus is located at the station non-perishable food drop off locations are throughout the town click here for a list of those locations as well as a link for monetary donations.

Here is a list of some items being dropped off as well.

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Fun Fact September 15, 2021.

All aboard, unless you have this phobia.  Siderodromophobia, or the fear of trains, is a broad diagnosis that includes all fears related to trains. Some people fear crashing, while others are afraid of the lack of control.  According to Very Well Mind dot com, If you have siderodromophobia, you might be afraid only of traditional railroads, or your fear may encompass subways and monorails as well. Some people fear only subways or monorails, and not traditional railroads, but this is believed to be rare.  Although it doesn’t have an official name, some people only fear train tracks.  That fear is typically rooted in a fear of being hit by a train or being pushed onto the tracks.  People who have this fear are particularly anxious on subway platforms, which makes perfect sense.

Fun Fact August 30, 2021.

Have you ever knocked on wood?  If so, why?  According to History dot com, the phrase “knock on wood” has been part of the speech since at the least the 19th century. There is no agreement on how it originated. One common explanation traces the phenomenon to ancient pagan cultures such as the Celts, who believed that spirits and gods lived in trees. Knocking on tree trunks may have served to rouse the spirits and call on their protection, but it could have also been a way of showing gratitude for a stroke of good luck. Another theory is that people knocked on wood to chase away evil spirits or prevent them from listening in when they boasted about their luck, thereby preventing a reversal of fortune. While the origins of “knock on wood” may never be known for certain, the superstition remains popular around the globe.

LFCC offers a free trade session open house

luray-page county center

Lord Fairfax Community College (LFCC) will hold a Trades Information session open house on Saturday Aug. 28 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Middletown Campus.

The session will offer information on a verity of trades such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, heavy equipment operation and more.

You can register for the open house at Lord Fairfax Community College’s Workforce Solutions or right here.

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Winchester and Woodstock’s latest drinking water test results

The City of Winchester and the Town of Woodstock have both announced that the latest sample of water from the north fork of the Shenandoah River taken less than a week ago continues to show no sign of toxins from the Algae Bloom.

Both the City and Town water supply continues to be completely safe to drink and can be used for all purposes.

Both Winchester and Woodstock will continue to monitor the water supply with the Virginia Department of Health as long as necessary.

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FCPS holds record breaking first day of school

james wood girls' basketball coach

Frederick County’s first day of school yesterday Aug. 23 was deemed not only successful but record breaking.

There were record numbers with almost 13,500 students attending.

That is an increase of 135 students over last year with a total of 190 more students still pending this year bringing the total enrollment to 13,885 students.

The River wishes all students heading back a happy safe school year.

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Shenandoah Regional Airport confiscate a gun

Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport security stopped a Kentucky man from boarding a plane with a loaded handgun.

The weapon was discovered in the man’s carry on bag after x-ray.

The hand gun was loaded with 10 bullets including one in the chamber.

Police were called and the man now faces charges of bringing a loaded gun into an airport.

Richmond airport reported a similar situation recently with a woman being arrested with a weapon.

It is being reported that air travel is down but weapon confiscations are up at airports.

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VDOT closes roads for rail repair

new bridges shenandoah county

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will close Route 631 Marlboro Road today June 7 until Thursday June 10 near Stephens City.

Then on Tuesday June 8 the Railroad crossing between Rt. 11 and Hites Road will close.

Klines Mill Road between Rt.11 and Hites Road will be closed Thursday June 10 and 11.

All will be closed for rail repair with detour signs up.

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