SNP/SD addresses some concerns that have become prevalent

photo credit Scott Bradley Hesson with permission

Where the Shenandoah National Park (SNP) appreciates the thousands of visitors this time of year, they have a few issues to address this fall.

Parking has become something of a concern with people parking improperly and in some cases even blocking the roadway and gates.

When parking along the Skyline Drive make sure all four wheels are off the roadway and not blocking the road or gates.

If one parking area is full try moving on to the next available one.

Of course you’ve noticed the busiest entrances to the Skyline Drive (SD) are Front Royal and Thornton Gap.

The SNP suggest that the alternate entrances of Swift Run and Rockfish offer less traffic and also help the communities at the other locations.

You will also find that campgrounds are almost always full on weekends this time of year.

It is suggested if you can, try making a trip to the SD/SNP during the week for both views and camping if possible.

A weekday trip could make for a quieter and even more enjoyable trip.

Above all the SNP ask that safety, courtesy and patience be top of mind whenever visiting any park.

Thinking safety will help protect fellow visitors, staff and the animals that call the park home.

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