Overheated battery may have been the cause of fire

frederick county fire marshal's office

Something called thermal runaway may have been the cause of a fire that caused $70,000 in damage and displaced a family of 5 in Stephens City.

Thermal runaway is when a lithium battery expels toxic gas that can ignite when the battery overheats.

Overcharging batteries in cell phones, laptops or even electric cars can damage the battery and in some cases cause thermal runaway according to Dragonfly Energy.

Thermal runaway can cause a problem when the battery or the device is in a confined space.

The Red Cross has been notified of the needs of the displaced family from the Buckingham Drive area of Stephens City according to a report from the Frederick County Fire and Rescue Department.

Fire crews from Stephens City, Middletown, Winchester, Shenandoah County, Strasburg and others assisted in controlling the blaze.

No one was injured in the incident.

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