WATTS cooling center opens doors

watts donation

Winchester Area Temporary Thermal Shelter opened a cooling center at the Market Street United Methodist Church.

The shelter will be open from noon to 5 pm, Monday- Saturday as well as this Sunday based on the forecast.

Donations of refreshing drinks like water, vitamin water and Gatorade for the guest will be graciously accepted.

Should an area emergency occur during the heat like a power outage your local sheriff’s offices will post shelter locations on social media pages.

The Virginia Department of Social Services is accepting applications for cooling assistance through August 15 at your local Social Services office.

The Department of Health reminds residents to seek shelter and shade whenever you can.

If you are working outdoors, hydration is essential with at least 2 to 4 glasses of water recommended every hour.

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News Maker Michelle Smeltzer on Front Royal Thermal Shelter

Front Royal Warren County Social Services opened their Thermal Shelter Sat. Dec. 11.

We spoke with Michelle Smeltzer about the shelter in our latest news maker segment.

The good news is brought to you by The Town of Front Royal.

Michelle tells us about the shelter’s exact location this year.

She tells us about what the shelter has to offer this year.

New amenities have been added for the guest.

One of the new additions includes a mobile shower trailer.

If you know of someone in need of a warm safe place to sleep please direct them to 465 15th St. Front Royal.

Also the shelter could always use volunteers with a sign up opportunity and more information right here.

Click here for Michelle’s interview.

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Front Royal Thermal Shelter opens in a matter of days

front royal town hall

In a Thermal Shelter of Front Royal (TSFR) social media post announcement the shelter is in need of volunteers.

Also the shelter will hold a silent auction online to help offset the cost of running the shelter.

Auction items are being accepted at the Social Services office at 465 15 St. Front Royal suite 100 made to the attention of Michelle Smeltzer.

Items for auction must be dropped off by Sat. Dec. 4.

If you can volunteer at the shelter please visit here.

The Thermal Shelter of Front Royal will open Dec. 11 and close for the season Mar. 30, 2022.

If you can help with the shelter in any way please click here.

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Warren County Thermal Shelter open for the storm today 9/1

thanksgiving activity boxes

The Warren County Thermal Shelter will open a shelter today Sept. 1 at 465 W. 15 Street in the old cafeteria.

Food, washer/dryer and restrooms will be available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..

If you know of someone in need of shelter during this storm let them know.

Additional information is by calling (540) 635-3430 Ext. 3355.

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