Thomas Eshelman will leave Shenandoah County Fair

A press release from the Shenandoah County Fair Association announced that Tom Eshelman will be leaving.

After 11 years as the Shenandoah County Fair General Manager Tom Eshelman has decided to leave.

In the press release Eshelman stated that he felt it was time for a fresh direction for both the fair and himself.

Eshelman has decided to take a position as a representative for the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) friends of the NRA foundation.

Eshelman will focus on fundraising for the organization in Virginia, Southern Maryland and the Eastern Shore.

Proceeds from the fundraisers provide support for youth activities, education and hunter safety programs.

During Eshelman’s tenure as general manager the fair was able to acquire funds to replace the stable that burned in 2013.

Eshelman was instrumental in acquiring a long term lease with the Virginia Equine Alliance for hosting pari-mutuel harness racing.

Eshelman was also instrumental in the management of $1.1 million in infrastructure improvements at the fairgrounds.

Most recently Eshelman created the Christmas in the Valley Drive Through Park among other accomplishments.

Eshelman’s last day as Shenandoah County Fair General Manager is Dec. 17, 2021.

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