Increase in Shenandoah County tourism boosts economy and job growth

Shenandoah County saw an increase in tourism revenue during 2022, according to a recent release from the Tourism and Development Department.

Tourism spending reached over $138 million dollars and supported 1,245 jobs.

The spending represented a 6.3% increase from the previous year.

Tourism also supported over $5.5 million in local taxes in addition to another $3.6 million in state taxes.

The Virginia Tourism Corporation found that Virginia generated $30.3 billion in visitor spending in 2022, an increase of over 20% from 2021 and exceeded pre-pandemic levels by 4.4%.

Jenna French, Director of Tourism and Economic Development said, “Tourism continues to be a vital part of economic growth for Shenandoah County. The continued increase in visitation to our area year over year has helped support the growth of many small businesses throughout our communities adding vibrancy to the County and enhancing the quality of life for local residents as well.”

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