Berryville provides reimbursement for disconnect

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The Town of Berryville is offering reimbursement of costs incurred for eliminating connections to it’s wastewater system.

This is to eliminate unpermitted connections to the town’s collection system.

This applies to the disconnection of the transmission of surface or ground water runoff to the town’s wastewater collection system.

The town of Berryville can provide you more information at the town business office at (540) 955-1099 or at

This reimbursement offer expires December 15, 2022.

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Berryville bills will be upgraded

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Berryville’s utility and refuse bills will include some additions and changes.

These bills will now include usage history over 12 months, deposit balance, expanded note sections, updated terms and conditions and return envelope.

Contact the Town Business Office at (540) 955-1099 with any questions.

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