VDOT continues to treat our roads and can use our help

new bridges shenandoah county

An email from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) confirms that roads are being treated until they are safe and clear of snow and ice.

As of 4 a.m. main roads were already listed as in minor condition.

Minor condition means that patches of ice may still exist.

Secondary roads are the main concern currently and are listed as in moderate conditions.

Moderate means there is more snow and ice covering some portions of the road.

VDOT is asking that you not park on the side or secondary roads so a more thorough job can be preformed on those roads.

The high winds can also cause the snow to drift and cause slick spots across roads as well which is something to be aware of when traveling.

Up to the minute information so you will know before you go is found at 511virginia.org.

You may not have to go with all the latest closings and cancellations found here.

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VDOT issues an advisory for today 1/10

new bridges shenandoah county

An email from the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is once again this morning Jan. 10 warning drivers to drive with caution.

VDOT crews continue to treat icy spots on roads across the state with salt and ice melt and will do so until roads are deemed safe.

Caution is advised and monitoring roads at 511virginia.org before departure is prudent before temperatures rise to help melt the ice.

However temperatures today are not projected to be much higher then freezing so ice is likely to continue to be a problem especially in shady spots, overpasses and bridges.

You can report hazardous road conditions at VDOT’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-FOR-ROADS (800-367-7623) or visit my.vdot.virginia.gov.

In the meantime allow plenty of room between vehicles, break lightly and don’t pass snowplows.

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VSP advise caution when traveling today 1/7

An email from the Virginia State Police (VSP) is advising caution when traveling today Jan. 7.

With temperatures not to exceed freezing today Jan. 7 and at 10 degrees tonight the roads will be slick.

Several emails from State Police report Troopers responding to several accidents in the back to back snow storms.

Two accidents in Shenandoah County and one in Page County resulted in fatalities over the past days.

Another accident resulted in a complete shutdown of the southbound lanes of Interstate 81 in Shenandoah County early this morning.

You are asked to avoid unnecessary travel and to give the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) time to thoroughly treat the roads.

For up to the minute road conditions go to 511virginia.org.

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Just about everyone recommends emergency travel kits now

In light of the Interstate 95 (I-95) situation where motorist were stuck in backed up traffic for over 24 hours.

Officials shut down I-95 at 8 a.m. Mon. until 8:30 p.m. Tues. according to VDOT emails.

Motorist were stuck in their vehicles with little to no food, water or fuel in fridge temperatures.

Now just about everyone is recommending traveling with emergency travel kits.

National Safety Council (NSC), American Automobile Association (AAA), Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) all have recommendations for emergency kits.

Some of the basic and most important items include non perishable snacks for everyone in the vehicle including pets.

Water, first aid kit, blankets, flashlights and portable phone charger are listed for a basic kit as well.

Some other items to include if you can a tool kit, jumper cables along with traction aids.

When you hit those links provided from NSC, AAA and VDOT you’ll see other items that would be useful if you can fit them in.

You should travel with as many of those items as possible all winter long.

You can never tell when an I-95 type situation may occur.

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I-95 is back open but caution is still advised

new bridges shenandoah county

In an email from Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) the announcement was made that all lanes are back open on Interstate 95 (I-95) near Fredericksburg.

All disabled vehicles have been removed but signal lights and interstate cameras are not working because of power outages caution is still advised.

Travelers including Senator Kaine were stuck on I-95 after a tractor trailer jackknifed causing a chain reaction that block both north and south bound lanes of the interstate.

Many vehicles were stranded in a 40 mile stretch of I-95 starting early Mon. Jan. 3 until late Tues. Jan 4.

The email from VDOT arrived at 8:37 p.m. Tues. Jan. 4 announcing the all clear after authorities were able to direct travelers to the nearest exits.

In that email only essential travel on I-95 is recommended because of the signal outages and slick spots.

Up to the minute road conditions are always available at 511virginia.org.

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VSP report a busy snow event

Emails continue to come in from the Virginia State Police (VSP) as they continue to work the storm.

Starting Mon. Jan. 3 through midnight last night troopers fielded more than 2,600 total calls for service according to the emails.

This morning Jan. 4 as of 10 a.m. they continued to respond to over 154 reported incident in a number that does not reflect the Interstate 95 situation.

Fortunately most of the incidents only involved vehicle damage with few injuries and no fatalities.

Again VSP and VDOT are asking that you wait until temperatures are well above freezing before traveling if you can.

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VDOT opens roads for the Independence Day Weekend

new bridges shenandoah county

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) will open roads for the July 4 holiday.

VDOT will lift both lane closures on the Interstates and other major roads through the holiday weekend.

The work stoppage and road openings will be from noon Friday through noon Tuesday July 6.

All HOV restrictions on I 66 along with tolls on the 66 Express Lanes inside the Beltway will be lifted as well.

The I 64 Express Lanes in Norfolk will be lifted on Monday July 5 as well.

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Rt. 11 railroad repairs have begun in Winchester

traffic flow

Closure of Valley Pike Route 11 South started today Jun. 28 and will continue through Wednesday possibly until Thursday.

The railroad repair work will happen between Apple Valley and Hood Way.

Railroad work will make Route 11 impassable while work is being done.

If you normally head north toward Winchester on Route 37 interchange.

It is recommended that you take Route 37 to Cedar Creek Grade then head back south on Valley Pike Route 11 if your destination is before Apple Valley.

Those coming out of Winchester headed South toward Route 37.

It is recommended you take Cedar Creek Grade to Route 37 to the Kernstown Exit.

Detour signs are in place you are reminded to plan accordingly and add time to your commute.

Route 11 will be closed at the railroad crossing and will be impassable through period.

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Major road work in Winchester next week 6/28-30

traffic flow

A portion of Route 11 in Winchester will be closed beginning Monday Jun. 28 through Wednesday Jun. 30.

Railroad crossing work will be conducted between Shady Elm Road Route 651 and Hood Way Route 872.

The detours will be in place through the three day period you are asked to plan ahead.

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Be aware of road work in Winchester 6/23-24

traffic flow

This Wednesday and Thursday Jun. 23 and 24 road closures and delays will occur at Crossover Boulevard.

The work will be largely at night as new signal lights are to be installed.

The work will be at the intersection at Crossover Boulevard Airport Road and 522 in Winchester.

Caution in the area is advised.

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