Recycle your live Christmas tree

National Forests

The US Forestry Service is presenting six ways to recycle your live tree after the festivities are done. 

  • Soil erosion barrier – Christmas trees make effective sand and soil erosion barriers. 
  • Fish Feeders – Sink your tree into a private lake or pond. They make an excellent refuge and feeding area for fish. 
  • Bird Feeder – Place the Christmas tree in your backyard and offer it as a sanctuary and feeder for birds. 
  • Mulch – Christmas trees are biodegradable, remove the branches and chip them up for mulch. 
  • Paths for hiking trails – Shredded trees make great walking path material for hiking. 
  • Living, rooted trees – If you bought a living tree with roots, plant it in your yard immediately after Christmas. 

More recycling tips and opportunities are available from the National Christmas Tree Association are available by clicking here.

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