The Sports Dogs Remember Madden And Talk Bowls

After a Christmas-week hiatus, the Sports Dog Podcast returns, as R-Dog is joined by Coach C to talk about the college bowl season and the effects of COVID on the bowl games. The Dogs also remember the iconic John Madden, who passed away suddenly this week at 85.

Sports Dogs Podcast
Sports Dogs Podcast
The Sports Dogs Remember Madden And Talk Bowls

VA. Tech faithful cause an earthquake

Virginia Tech’s Lane Stadium had nearly 70,000 occupants welcome college football back on Friday.

The stadium crowd jumped and rocked so vigorously during the opening charge onto the field for the Hokies that they actually caused a small earthquake.

The quake registered on the VA. Tech seismology equipment at the Blacksburg campus.

The opening charge has been a tradition for the home town crowd to welcome the team onto the field while Metallica’s classic “enter sandman” plays.

This time the crowd was so excited to welcome the return of football that they caused the minor tremor.

The Hokies’ football team responded to the crowds enthusiasm with a thrilling 17 to 10 win over the University of North Carolina.

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