Sports Dogs Podcast: The Dog Days Update

In this edition of the SDPC, The R-Dog (Randy Woodward) and The Duke (Ryan Rutherford) cover a wide variety of topics as the “Dog Days” set in: Pepper Martin’s retirement, a VBL success story, brews for everyone from the new Washington football ownership, and thoughts about the state of soccer in the USA as the Women’s FIFA World Cup gets underway. Stay cool!



Sports: Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Sports update on Handley’s Michael Brown signing a professional contract to play basketball in Croatia, Valley League Baseball, Nationals, and the Orioles.

Jeimer Candelario’s home run call on Fox Sports Radio 1450 WFTR.

Keibert Ruiz’s two run homer to make extend the lead to 7-3 on 1450.