VBE reports local preliminary numbers from Super Tuesday

The super Tuesday presidential primary was a fairly predictable event with current President Biden and former President Trump dominating the race in Virginia according to ABC News.

Local preliminary numbers from the Virginia Board of Elections (VBE) shows the March 5 results and voter turnout.

In Clarke County a 23 percent voter turnout shows 538 votes for Joe Biden and 1,337 for Donald Trump.

Frederick County reporting a 36 percent voter turnout with 1,996 votes counted for Biden 7,340 for Trump.

Page county had only a 15 percent voter turnout with 211 votes for Biden and 1,567 votes counted for Trump.

With 21 percent voter turnout Rappahannock County voters cast 660 votes for Donald Trump and 124 for Joe Biden.

Shenandoah County recorded a 17 percent voter turnout with 734 votes counted for Biden and 3,480 for Trump.

A 14 percent voter turnout in Warren County shows 3,039 votes for Trump and 624 for Biden.

With 28 percent of registered voters turning out in the City of Winchester Biden received 722 votes and 1,048 cast for Trump.

Donald Trump received a total of 18,471 votes in 6 counties and the City of Winchester. Current President Joe Biden received a total of 5,036 votes in the same region.

Warren County’s Director of Elections Matthew Reisinger confirmed by phone that work still has to be done with the counting of absentee ballots with a completed count expected by March 11.

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